Nadine, Andrew & Squints

The Freedom Service Dog non-profit organization trains dogs to become custom-trained, life-changing assistance dogs for people in need.

Nadine and Andrew have several golden retrievers of their own. But Nadine explained to me that her connection to Squints was different than any other dog she has had because of the closeness of their bond, which demonstrated why Squints is becoming such as great Service Dog.

Nadine and Andrew wanted to get pictures to remember their time with Squints before she graduated in December 2018. Squints was successfully paired with Dianne, a woman that had severe mobility issues. Dianne shared that getting a Service Dog has changed her life!

The picture with Squints between Nadine and Andrew’s legs, walking on a park trail, is one of my favorite pictures from the past year. It is my branding logo on social media for this year!