Do you work with dogs that are…challenging?


Every dog has their own personality. Some are very energetic while others are more reserved. Some thrive on posing for the camera while others prefer to avoid it.

I work with all dogs and with years of experience, I know how to bring out their best.

We will make the session fun and relaxed so that I can capture the true personality of your dog!

Before and After Photoshop2.jpg

My dog needs to stay on a leash. Is that okay?


Many parks and outdoor locations require leashes.

Each image is professionally edited to remove leashes and harnesses.

These pictures show the Before and After edits, showing how a leash and harness are removed.

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Sample What to Wear for Photography.jpg

Can I be in the pictures?

I hope that you DO want to be included in the portraits!

I love to capture dogs and their people together.

Some pictures will be a classic style, with both of you looking at the camera. Others will be spontaneous, unposed moments of the two of you interacting that capture your relationship!

What is the process?

Contact me so that I can learn more about your dog and you and your style.

Then I can design a session that is fun and relaxed, which will be one great adventure for your dog!

Within a week, we will get together so you can see your proofs and I can help you with ideas on how to display them in your home.

You’ll be to create a custom order by selecting from framed artwork, albums, prints and digital files (jpgs).

What should I wear for the session?

It helps to take your dog’s coloring into account as well as the colors of the outdoor location. It also helps to have colors that will stand out from backgrounds, like the colors to the left for a fall background. For family sessions, it works best to have a theme of 3-4 colors, such as navy, gray, ivory and khaki. For over a hundred examples to give you inspiration, just click one of these buttons: